Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Why Did Hillary Win New Hampshire?

She cried and Bill had her back (even though it's still all about him -- watch the clip -- he starts out ostensibly defending her, but at the end of his rant, notice who he's talking about). Together they are arguably the most powerful political force in the U.S. ... which gives me the shivers. But mainly it's because she cried.

People haven't like her because she has gotten more strident in her rhetoric...and people don't like angry women. But, she spoke from her heart and cried because she loves this country so much. So, our feminized culture, weened on Oprah and Barbara Walters, braved the harsh elements and voted for the tired old warhorse who has been advocating "change" for 35 years.

I posted on Liberal Fascism (Here is Jonah Goldberg's blog about the book) and briefly mentioned Hillary's collectivist intentions. She states it very clearly...

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