Friday, January 25, 2008

Republican Nomination - McCain

I'm hoping for an open convention because...why not? I've never seen one and I think it'd be great fun! However, for what it's worth, this is why I think the eventual nominee will be McCain.

People can't stand a vacuum (one of only two commonly used words in the English language with a double "u"-- The continuum contains great vacuum, but I'd hate to have to vacuum the continuum.). However much people profess to love democracy and teamwork, they require a leader. It makes them uncomfortable to lack a sense of direction, and they will lurch toward the perceived leader in order to fill the vacuum. Because McCain is a strong leader with more experience than any of the other current candidates, he will probably be the one.

RCP shows he retains a significant lead nationally. I'm looking forward to eating my words since Florida could change a lot of things and economic perceptions could give Romney a real boost--he's surging in FL right now...

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markymark said...

I have thought for some time that McCain will be the eventual President.
Independents such as myself and others that I am friends with are sick and tired of each side stating "we are right and the other side is wrong".
We are sick and tired of seeing Republicans stating the "left will destroy this country"
We are sick and tired of seeing the Democrats stating "the war in Iraq was flawed and we need to get out asap"

McCain appeals to independents because his party doesn't trust him. The more a President angers both parties, the more likable that President is to independents.

Each party claims to know what is right for this country. Yet, each time they were given the opportunity to govern this country they squandered it.

We saw that with Bill Clinton and a Democratic controlled congress and we witnessed it again with George Bush and a Republican controlled congress.

What did we get with both sets of government?

Politics as usual.

So quite honestly, neither party knows squat what is right for this country. They only know what is right for staying in power.

Anyone that thinks otherwise would be wise to visit Bullfeathers
during happy hour.
There you can see staunch conservative congressmen and bleeding heart liberal congressmen pawn over their 20 something interns.

Politics as usual....