Thursday, January 17, 2008

Smile! You're on Candid Chimera!

Animal-human embryo research is approved

Scientists at King’s College London, and the University of Newcastle will inject human DNA into empty eggs from cows to create embryos known as cytoplasmic hybrids, which are 99.9 per cent human in genetic terms.
Tellingly, this line from the article indicates the abdication of the lawmakers to take their role as moral influencers seriously,
Last January the authority deferred its decision and began a consultation on the issue, which reported in September that the public was broadly supportive.
It appears, at least by this paper's account, that the go-ahead for this was prompted by public support. This article gave no indication that the lawmakers engaged in a reasoned discussion on the wisdom of sanctioning such an unprecedented action.

The BBC article makes clear what the purpose is:
Scientists want to create hybrid embryos by merging human cells with animal eggs in a bid to extract stem cells. The embryos would then be destroyed within 14 days.
I wonder what you think?

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