Thursday, January 31, 2008

Kenya - News and Perspectives from the Ground III

Alan sends an update from the ground in Kenya:

You may be aware that a couple of days ago an opposition (ODM Orange party) was shot and killed, after midnight outside his gate. He had been visiting with friends until that time, and drove himself home. It appears to be a politically motivated murder as nothing was stolen and he was shot at close range multiple times.

Now just today (31st) another opposition politician (Kalejin tribe) has been killed at a Police road block near Eldoret. We do not yet know the circumstances surrounding this, but it has set off further violent demonstrations following a period of relative calm. Friends are in Kisumu and have had to take refuge in a vehicle at the Kisumu Police Station owing to the riots there.

We have also heard that there is burning and looting in the tea estates near Kericho...The death toll since early January now stands at over 850 and at least 300,000 people are displaced.

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