Monday, January 21, 2008

McCain the Fiscal Liberal

Giuliani is beginning to attack McCain's record. Finally...someone is pointing out his incredibly miserable conservative voting record.


TNP said...

Things are looking mighty bleak for us Republicans with Fred out of the running. If only he'd had that fire in his belly, that same fire Aragorn had when the troops were assembled at the gates of Mordor in Return of the King.

It would have been in the bag.

markymark said...

Having an engineering degree, I have a tendency to rely on facts to form an opinion of someone.

When determining a politician's voting record I like to ask Thomas Jefferson. He is dead, but luckily we have:

An interesting feature of Thomas is you can query the voting records to compare how several senators vote on every single bill, conference report, etc.

I could post the results of Thompson's votes vs McCain's votes, but I am of the opinion that the biggest issue with today's voters is they rely on information that is spoon fed to them.

But I will say this much about the results...McCain is not nearly as liberal as some portray him and Thompson is not nearly as conservative as some portray him.

Daniel said...


I agree with your last paragraph...I do think the two Senators are closer in their voting records than many people think. However, IMO, McCain is on the wrong side of at least one prominent issue that strikes against Constitutional principles (McCain-Feingold) and add to that a fiscal stance that is not a generally conservative one.