Saturday, January 12, 2008

Iraqi Government Meets Benchmark #2

The political progress in Iraq is slow -- a major component of NPR's critique of the Surge. The Dems have changed tactics from saying the Surge isn't working to saying that we have bought off our enemies and no political progress is being made.

18 Benchmarks for success in Iraq were passed into law by Congress in the U.S. Troop Readiness, Veterans' Care, Katrina Recovery, and Iraq Accountability Appropriations Act, 2007. One key benchmark is to "enact and implement legislation on de-Baathification."

The Iraqi Parliament made significant progress toward this benchmark yesterday.

You think this will be promoted or discussed on NPR?


Anonymous said...

I agree with President Bush in taking the fight to the enemy in Afghanistan and Iraq for they are the enemy of America, of the West and indeed of the non-Mohammedan world. We are in a war with these two countries just as surely as we were in fighting Japan and Germany in World War II. The U.S.was successful in befriending these former enemies into democracies. This success story post World War II will not,and cannot be repeated today in the Islamic world with its rising revival of Mohammedan fundamentalism. Islam, once known as Mohammedism, is returning to its roots--the teachings of its founder. Even "secular" Mohammedans are being killed by their fundamentalist brothers when they resist the revivalists efforts to put them under Islamic law. You add to the devout, faithful Mohammedans' belief that all non-Mosloms are infidels to be enslaved or killed--to the drive to force "secular" Mohammedans back in line under Islamic law--to the very deep divisions between the Shiites and Sunnis--not to mention the intense hatred between ethnic Mohammedans and you have an eternal formula for neverending conflict.

There are, of course, individual Mohammedans who are inclined to be tolarant to infidels, just as there were Germans and Japanese who were not in favor of their governments going to war against the rest of the world, but the Mohammedans who we can(without fear)deal with are just helpless voices caught up in the mighty surg which is fundamentalist Mohammedanism. The West is in a war, not with indivduals, but with a political system diguised as a religion.

As I stated, I am all for taking the fight to the enemy, but let us realize that they indeed are the enemy--all of them to one degree or another--because the Koran tells them so. We must realize that we are not dealing with Europeans here or other people groups around the world who do not have an agenda with the zeal of religion to drive them to hate all other groups that do not subscribe to their beliefs.

There is no Iraqi people--one people--one nation. There will never be a true united national government in Iraq. "Peace" will only come to Iraq when one of the factions in their world completely dominates their brothers who do not believe as they do. wb

markymark said...

The previous poster is so fundamentally ignorant of the Muslim culture that I do not even know where to begin.
Having worked with 40-50 devout Muslims from Iran(9, yes , we have quite a few Iranians in academia), Morocco(3), Indonesia(4), Egypt (5), the list goes on and on, I can tell you from first hand experience that a majority of Muslims do not follow the letter of the Koran. Just as Christians do not follow the letter of the Bible.

Time again I see people like the previous poster, spew bigotry about the Muslim world...yet when I ask them face to face what is the most populous Muslim country in the world....
they get it wrong every time.
Then they go Google it and come back to me and pretend to know so much about the Muslim culture.

We are the most advance nation in the world, yet our citizens are sometimes they most ignorant people in the world.