Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Republican Debate Disgrace

This debate made me want to vote for Ron Paul. Not because I think Ron Paul is a good candidate...but because all the others were like little children bickering over who said what. At least Paul made the point that we ought to be debating policies instead of bickering over details.

McCain's smirking and whining about Romney's negative ads, Huckabee complaining every chance he got that we wasn't getting enough time, Romney claiming that Reagan would support all of his policies...just weird.

McCain was at his worst...thin-skinned, taking dishonest potshots at Romney...he gave the appearance of a small, arrogant and ill-tempered man.

These aren't statesmen. Are there any around? Or is the system set up so antithetically to statesmanship that no bona fide statesman would play the game?

Maybe I just need some sleep and I'll feel more confident in the morning...

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s u s a n said...

So do you feel better about it today? I don't.