Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Fred - No one here but us RINOs!

There's a lot of chatter about why Fred's campaign didn't take off...much of it has to do with his approach to the campaign, lack of fire, bad timing with the current of "change" sweeping the nation, etc.

I understand that one must understand the current climate to perform well in any endeavor. There are rules by which the game must be played. Fred did not play by those rules and paid the price. I know that some supporters are upset at him because they saw the possibility of what he had to offer aborted because of his refusal to play along.

However, I reserve my disdain for Mr. Average Joe Voter. Despite what many have said, we made up our minds long ago as to who we were going to vote for, and Thompson's "late" entry into the race asked us to re-think, which is apparently too difficult to do.

What it really comes down to in my mind, is that we have lost our ability to think through principles and apply them to real life. We let the culture guide our thoughts toward the latest crisis without even considering what the principles are that lie behind it, let alone a sober consideration of the possible solutions.

Fred's consistent discussion of first principles was lost among the tempest policies -- security, immigration and change. This tells me several possible things: 1) Republicans are now just as power hungry as the liberals, but with a good end in mind, 2) Republicans no longer understand first principles, but have mindlessly attached themselves to policy stances, 3) Republicans have been thrummed senseless by the merciless, incessant dripping of the liberal agenda through practically every media outlet, and have become so emasculated that only a small step toward collectivism is considered a victory.

Tony Phyrillas somewhat sums up my sentiments...now it's back to the drawing board to figure out the lessest of three evils...


dshtriathlete said...

Could not agree more! I think most people's Critical Thinking muscles have atrophied due to severe lack of use. I think we are seeing the "American Idol" effect here. Since I have heard it stated that more people vote on American Idol than in presidential elections. Fred did not come in until late - and you are right that most people had there favorites picked - and I would wager more often than not - who their favorites were is HIGHLY influenced by who the media tells them it should be. Or they know basic facts to identify with - Huckabee is an evangelical, McCain is a veteran / hero, Giuliani - 911, etc... that is probably slightly oversimplified ... and while I don't think the general public is stupid - I do think they are lazy and don't take the time to exercise that muscle between their ears.

Gary said...

I still go with the thought if he had jumped in around July 4 when everyone was expecting him Fred would be leading this thing. When he said he would wait everyone began to question does he really want this.

markymark said...

dshtriathlete said...
"I do think they are lazy and don't take the time to exercise that muscle between their ears."

Given that opinion we are no better than a 3rd world country.

It is interesting to note when others disagree with us we automatically assume they are 'stupid', 'lazy', 'ill-informed', etc.

People base their 'opinion' on life experiences, research they have conducted, information and opinions gathered from family, friends and co-workers, etc.

When someone disagrees with your 'opinion' or 'viewpoint", as a society and as a person we would do better to try an understand why they disagree, then to just dismiss them as "lazy and don't take the time to exercise that muscle between their ears."

It never ceases to amaze me just how many people seem to know everything about everything.