Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Kenya - State of Nature, State of War

For those who say that ethnic hatred has nothing to do with the violence, read this...

This story illuminates what everyone with their eyes open has known...ethnic conflict is the main cause of the violence. Conflict such as this thrives in the state of nature because each individual sees themselves as the "executioner of the law of nature." When the government has exacerbated the problem with corruption and granting political favors the list of offenses against the law of nature is long.

Kenya's rapid descent from political protest to all-out ethnic conflict, further fuelled yesterday by the murder of an opposition MP who was shot twice in the head outside his home, has raised fears that the enmity may soon be irreversible.
Now gangs are beginning to take advantage of the anarchy...
Analysts say it may soon get a lot worse. The violence appears increasingly orchestrated, with violent gangs such as the Mungiki, a Kikuyu criminal sect, becoming involved.
When there is a dissolution of the social contract, people then are thrust into a state of war.
"People have completely lost faith in the government's ability to protect," said a Kenyan conflict expert working for a humanitarian organisation, who spoke on condition of anonymity. "Unless a solution is found quickly, guns will be used and the dynamic of this trouble will change completely."

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