Thursday, January 10, 2008

Republican Debate - 1/10/08 - 6

Change...McCain & Hillary won...experience more than change?
Romney--Nope. I keep hearing that Washington is broken...seems incapable of dealing with issues. Same people keep making promises and nothing whole life has been about bringing change to things I've touched...Olympics, Massachusetts...I will bring change...

Are you part of the solution or problem?
McCain--pretty obvious answer...I've been involved in one of the most important changes..the Surge. If we had listened to the qaeda would be saying they beat us...saved $6b on a bum deal for a tanker...ask Jack Abramoff is I'm an insider...he'll tell you during visiting hours...I have never asked for or received a pork barrel project for my state...I'm looking forward to the changes I could make as Prez.

You raised taxes...higher at end than beginning, increased size of govt.
Huck -- my idea is to get job done...signed pledge that i would not raise taxes as know what I raised? Hope. The courts ordered us to put more money into education...8th best in the nation now...was 49th. Worst road system in the one of the best. Better natural can hunt and fish without.

Thompson -- Tax pledge...Huck said it was a dangerous thing to make a tax pledge, b/c you can't foresee, after pressure, he signed the tax pledge. [Ed. Note: The Thompson campaign’s crack research staff digs up this detail on Huckabee and the tax pledge. On Meet the Press last year he said,

I think you got to be very careful. I, I wouldn’t propose any new taxes. I wouldn’t support any. But if we’re in a situation where we are in a different level of war, where there is no other option, I think that it’s a very dangerous position to make pledges that are outside the most important pledge you make, and that is the oath you take to uphold the Constitution and protect the people of the United States.]

My own record...went to DC, passed 5 major tax bill, welfare reform, balanced budget, worked with Clinton, National Right to Life folks have endorsed me...voters respond to a sound conservative message...rule of law, market economy, not tax and spend, anyone can grow up and expect to achieve the American Prez we can do a lot more good things...

Huck -- I appreciate your passing Welfare Reform, governors made it work. We had to govern at the state level.

What experience and skills do you bring that makes you better than McCain?
Rudy -- Change the Dems are talking about is the change out of your pocket. Changes in the wrong direction. Responds talking about Castro and the Arab prince. I was involved in foreign policy issues all the time.

McCain -- I've been involved in every foreign policy event for the last twenty years, and before that participated in them...respect for everyone on the stage, but I am more qualified

Southern Baptist Convention -- women submit graciously to husbands -- politically viable?
Huck -- Religion is off-limits except when you ask me...let me pass the plates, we need money....if you know my wife...passage was spoken to Christians, I wouldn't impose it on anyone, but will practice it unashamedly...explains Ephesians passage...has nothing to do with presidency...doing what a marriage ought to do...not 50/50 but 100/100...teaches us how to love.

Do you have electability?
Paul -- We've only had two little primaries...I'm Constitutional...should they write me off? Are you suggesting that I'm not electable because I'm a strict constitutionalist? Follow the money...what's going on here? This isn't appealing to Republicans? We used to want to abolish the Education Dept, now we've doubled it...I'm sticking to the principles. I am less Republican because of these principles?

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