Saturday, January 5, 2008

Vision Loss Redux Part VIII - Contained

Bi-weekly visit to the wizard revealed through the magic of fluorascein that there was no inflammation in any of my blood vessels...

Brief Recap:

1:30p -- Arrival in good spirits. This time prepared with reading material, already consumed lunch (specially designed to satisfy for hours) and referral. Check in. Have a seat.

2:00p -- Called back for the traditional drip torture, otherwise known as pupil dilation. Return from that room a little weepy, but otherwise held strong. Engaged in reading until 3:30p.

4:00p -- Technician complaining loudly and purposefully that the Wizard wanted her to perform a test this late in the day. For my part, I don't care about her conducting the test at the end of the day, because she will not be the one sticking sharp objects into my flesh. Am beginning to think that the other office might be better even though it's further...

4:15p -- I realize why I should be concerned about her conducting the test in a belligerent mood as she holds my eye open with her fingers and holds it there while carrying on a "disgusted with the Wizard" conversation with other nurses. As my eye starts to mummify, she randomly scourges my dilated pupil with blinding flashes of light, then tells me look "look left" and repeats the process over and over and over...all this with a knife jammed into my arm...but I still hold strong and refuse to tell my secrets...

4:30p -- Wizard comes and and analyzes the pictures after much ado (due to the belligerent one's inability to master a new software upgrade). Good news! No inflammation at all in any of the pictures! Scale back the prednisone. Call if any changes occur. See you in two weeks.

5:00 -- Close up the shop again...walk with the receptionist (Rose) out to her about the catch-22 we are in...symptoms have dissipated due to the prednisone, so we reduce the dosage because long-term prednisone usage is not good, but the prednisone is what is keeping this from happening. And we don't know the, one day at a time...more doctor visits in the upcoming weeks.


Missi said...

Still praying that the doctors can figure out EXACTLY what's going on and why and fix the nonsense!!

Does the prednisone make you a whacko too...or is it just me?? Praying for Kate too...if the earlier is true!!

Have a great week!

Gary said...

Did you hear sort of a German accent and the technician say ve have vays of making you vote for Giuliani. Praying all continues to go well.