Thursday, January 31, 2008

Breathless Blitzer

Democrat Love-Fest hosted by Breathless. They were so happy to be talking to each nice. Barak was digging his own grave by agreeing with Hillary every time she said something.


Luke said...

Totally agree. No matter who your vote is for Obama did nothing but hurt himself by putting Hillary up on a pedestool. I understand his logic to try and show that hes taking higher ground especially with all the mud slinging in the past few weeks, but he went too far. I think she definetly ended up winning this debate. At this point if I were to put my money down I'd say if Obama wins the primary then he will be the next president, if Hillary wins it then McCain will be in the house. What are your thoughts at this point?

Daniel said...

I'm not positive about either of those assertions...there's a long way to go to November.

I will never count Hillary out, though it does a heart good to see her machinations hitting opposition among those that have been her loyal allies for so long.

I think McCain might be formidable if he can convince conservatives to vote for him, which will take some doing because he is not conservative.

It might get really interesting if Nader gets into it again as he has talked about.

It will be a fun ride, though sadly will probably ultimately end in a Democrat in the WH.