Saturday, December 8, 2007

Vision Loss Redux Part VI - The Dream

So there I was, sitting in the doctor's chair in a little examination room. He had what amounted to a Styrofoam coffee cup with the bottom punched out over my left eye, while checking my intraocular pressure with a Q-Tip. It didn't hurt because he had numbed my eye, but he just kept poking and poking and poking. It was starting to hurt and I was getting annoyed...then I woke up. It was Friday morning.

What a way to start the day! I don't typically remember much detail from my dreams (unlike my wife who can tell you the 5 W's of every dream--and it's usually relational stuff...the kind of stuff that would bore me into an even deeper sleep and give me night terrors). However, this one stuck with me for obvious reasons.

On the way to work...more my left eye...sorta creepy, with the dream and all. I waited to make sure, then called the Wizard of Wills. Providentially, he was in the office closest to where we live (where he works once every two weeks) and we were able to get in the same day, after some health insurance wrangling.

After a flourascein test, he identified the area of vision loss and, disconcertingly, identified three other areas where leakage was occurring. Click here for an informative video on the procedure. He was "concerned" by this development and wanted to address this right away. I will be calling him first thing Monday morning as well and anticipate reporting that there were no new occurrences.

So, now I'm on a Barry Bonds-level dosage of steroids...I'm using them for the anti-inflammatory effects...honest! I wonder if I will grow 2 hat sizes? The idea is that the prednisone will combat the inflammation of the blood vessels in my eye. We still don't know the cause, but this is the best way to combat the effects.

The cause is not what was assumed before, but he blames Susac's for the closing of the blood vessel.

I left the office with so many prescriptions stuffed in my pockets, I felt like Sandy Berger, although, even though I feel sure my and his documents are equally innocent, I didn't feel the need to stuff them under a trailer.

The saga continues...


Kerry said...

*big sigh* I was so sad to get the email from Shannon! But thanks for the blog, always a wealth of imformation, and for me filling in the blanks...which make me worry. (the blanks make me worry, hard not to talk to you wife...I go thru withdraw!!!) As always, you all are in our prayers! I also enjoyed the personal profile description & picture as that new? :) Thanks again for thinking of "us" and blogging! Hope you all are getting to "relax"....K aka "kerbear"

Kerry said...

P.S. a dream eh??? you know what they may mean right?

markymark said...

Next you will be signing with the Oriole's. If I see 22in arms at the family reunion I'm gonna start wondering about those steroid treatments.
Hope you get well!