Friday, December 28, 2007

How to Use Labels

Hello New Reader!
If you've just come across daniel and you're interested in catching up on all the wit, wisdom and wonderful free research in a particular subject, go to the bottom of your favorite post, click on one of the labels and voila! all posts relating to that topic appear before your very eyes. This can be helpful if you're interested on the ongoing Boumadiene case, the discussion on energy, Leadership Tips, or trying to track down the vision loss story from the beginning.

If you use an RSS Reader (I use Google Reader) to collect information, you can easily add me to your reader by clicking on the "Get the Feed!" link on the right, or just enter your e-mail address and receive engaging content in your inbox.

Don't forget to check out LinkedIn while you're at it!

Thank you all for reading, and if you think someone else might enjoy it, forward it along by clicking on the "email post" icon. Being a new blogger, it's fun to see readers from all over the U.S and some from Kuwait, UK, Czech Republic and France.

You all rock!

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