Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Leadership Tip 1

As I sit here, baking* rich chocolaty sweetness for my teachers and staff, I thought of another leadership lesson. I will be starting a periodic series called "Leadership Tips." My sister gave me this idea with her comment...These tips will be random in nature, but organized by labels, so that when you want to see the whole collection of wisdom, just click on the label and you'll see, unrolling before your very eyes, leadership concepts that are stunning in simplicity, applicability and effectiveness when implemented. Here goes...

1. Edify your team members. οἰκοδομή - the act of one who promotes another's growth in Christian wisdom, piety, happiness, holiness.

This requires a sincere desire and motivation to build up your team members, not a schmoozy manipulation. Leadership principles do not have to come naturally to be implemented. As an INTJ, it is not easy for me to remember to build up those who work with me. However, I know this is important, so I delegate much of the ceremonial type remembrances to those who thrive on it and focus on interpersonal edification.

For me, this takes the form of short talks with people, inquiring about how they are doing, being present when someone is talking to me. Being the way I am, I must force myself to stop what I am doing to attend to a need brought to my attention.

There are more pieces to this edification point, but today we'll stop here.

Takeaway: Sincere encouragement builds up your team members.

Action Steps: Identify one person in your sphere of influence today that you will intentionally build up through a positive comment or piece of encouragement. Act. Report Back via comments if you are so inclined.

*When I was a child, my career goal was to be a baker. My best friend did not, despite my cajoling, want to go into business with me. He said something about wanting to be a doctor...what a loser! It is a good thing I am not now a baker, my first batch of cookies are lousy.

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s u s a n said...

"My sister gave me this idea with her comment..."

Yes! I got referenced! Wa-hoo! I've never read the MBTI before..interesting. I believe I am an ISFJ. Thanks for the tip!