Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Omnibus Disaster

An omnibus bill is a bill that combines multiple spending bills into one huge, ginormous bill that no Senator has time to read before voting upon it--he or she must rely almost solely upon staffers to digest it. As such, it is absolutely guaranteed that there will be kilatons of pork in there. Rep. Tom Coburn has counted 9,241 earmarks which total over $23 B.

The bill the Senate is considering tonight combines 11 of 12 appropriations bills. It's 3,565 pages long.

Heritage has done a great job in identifying what's wrong with this omnibus bill. Read this and you'll see that I was right when I told you about Mr. Crockett's lesson...

Hugh Hewitt explains the circumstances around three amendments that have been offered that may kill the bill. The two anti-war measures have already been defeated. If McConnell's amendment (which provides $70B for the war effort without a withdrawal timetable) passes, then the bill will probably pass. Can't blame him...he's probably just trying to find that silver lining. It's just that they should pass a continuing resolution.

And, in case you didn't know it, the Democrats' favorite KKK member (no, it's not Mr. Potter) has truly lost his marbles. You need to watch this and behold who the enlightened electorate of West Virginia have voted and kept in office for 48 years in exchange for bringing home the bacon. And please note...the display below is not just because he's 90 years old...he's been doing this for years...

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