Monday, December 10, 2007

Lessons to Learn

In talking to my students, I consistently stress to them the importance of taking every day as a preparation for that moment where God will open up opportunity. In some metaphysical way, our habits shape our souls. The daily grind of performing duties slowly produces virtue, if performed with intention.

I can practically guarantee that, at some point, you will have opportunity to lead. If you have wasted the days of drudgery in mindless repetition and begrudging melancholy, you will not be ready. However, if you are alert and look for areas of growth and learning amidst toil, you will find that when opportunity arises, you WILL be ready. Others will look at you and say, "I never knew he had it in him!"

Look, Moses was 80 years old when God began to use him. Some would argue that he still wasn't ready because God fetched Aaron into the wilderness to accompany him to Egypt.

All that to say, Kate and I have been thoroughly disabused of the arrogant notion that we are in control. We would never have planned this, however, we are being prepared for an opportunity that we would never have otherwise encountered, and we are attempting to stay alert and ready to learn this day's lesson.

In a purely physical sense, this days' lesson was that prednisone will keep you up all night if you're not careful!


missi hess said...

As a fellow steroid user (for a recently diagnosed brain tumor though) I will tell you at 1:40am...YOU'RE WAY RIGHT and so I sit...reading an old friend's blog...giggling. Thanks Daniel you're still entertaining!!

Gary said...

Once I got my dictionary out, I can say that I agree with you. Is it not amazing that in our attempt to avoid hardships and live a life of ease, we could very well be missing out on the blessings of God.