Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Good Day

A successful day of posterity investment...another chance to grow my children as they unknowingly meander toward adulthood...to speak into their lives and nurture and teach...to point them to Christ...to encourage with words, affection and correction...to talk about thankfulness.

Continuing a tradition from my mother of a scavenger hunt in the morning for that first present...watching M get more confident in her bike riding...discussing single point perspective while walking by the train tracks...telling a crazy story during lunch about the nectarine that grew to the size of the kitchen table...both kids so pleased with their presents and sharing well (mostly)...E continuing his obsession with the alphabet sounds...enjoying a leisurely pace throughout the entire day...

This investment is not only for their happiness, but also for the good of the many people they will touch. I don't just see adorable little kidlings...I see eternality embedded in their souls. Very, very cute eternality, but eternality nonetheless.

Yes...a good day...

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