Sunday, December 16, 2007

Now it's really getting serious...

I found out today that "Films at risk if writers strike lingers." The Da Vinci Code prequel featuring the long-haired Tom Hanks has been postponed! AUGGHHH!

What about hiring non-union writers? Or what about a entertainers writing for themselves?

Carson Daly, Ellen Degeneres ... the soaps?

People don't much like "scabs" I gather...

In my opinion, the WGA jumped the shark when Jesse Jackson picked up a sign on day 5.

I don't pretend to understand the union mentality. As an independent educator, I have never had a desire or seen the need to be involved in a union. Independent schools must produce a service that the customer is wiling to pay twice for, since the state plunders its citizens to pay for others children's education first, then allows them to pay tuition on top of that.

So, I suppose that the emotions that come out of this strike have something to do with a perceived solidarity among the writers. When a substitute writer comes along the collective is betrayed and scorn is heaped upon the "scab."

So, when Romo took over for Bledsoe, do you suppose he was taking an opportunity given him or that he was acting out of naked and immoral ambition?

I'd be interested to hear opinions from my Hollywood friends on this topic...

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markymark said...

There are pro's and con's to unions. In college back in the late 80's I worked for UPS and was non-union for exactly 11 days.
I didnt want the union taking my limited amount of money (I dont recall what the monthly dues were).
However, dealing with abuses from management: mandatory jeans even though interior of the feeder truck was 100+ degrees. Couldnt keep a water jug on the loading dock to rehydrate. Daily unscheduled overtime w/o overtime pay, etc.

I finally relented and signed up at the shop stewards office. (Teamsters 385 Local). What a difference. I was allowed to wear any type of clothing. Mandatory 10 min breaks to rehydrate and use the bathroom. Up to 3 gallon jugs of water on the loading dock.
Overtime: voluntary and 1.5 payrate.

But with protections came additional responsibilities: 1) mandatory quotas ( cant remember if it was lb/hr or # boxes/hr)
2) Limited misloads. 3 misloads on blue/red label..termination.

Its a perfect example of a union working with a company to protect the workers and at the same time helping the company to be successful.

If you have ever worked in a manufacturing or warehouse environment you see the benefits/cons of a union up close and personal.

As for the writers strike...why don't actors write their own material? I guess it goes to show you just how little talent most actors and talk show hosts have or perhaps it shows just how important writers are to the success of a show/movie?

Till then, The Office is in perpetual reruns.