Sunday, December 30, 2007

Daniel Endorses Fred Thompson

Since you're an insider, you get to hear it here before the mass media picks it up. The DANIEL officially endorses Fred Thompson for the Presidency of the United States.

Fred offered up a "serious case" for his candidacy today.

See here for a list of his principles...very different from the tired cliches that we're used to from our politicians. It is inspiring.

This video runs just over 17 minutes...take the time to watch and consider why you ought to vote for Fred Thompson...then forward it on to everyone you know.

Meanwhile the Sioux City Journal runs a hit headline, "Thompson: Not Particularly Interested in Running", though reading the article shows that his point was that he's not doing it for personal ambition. I believe he exemplifies the type of leader we want: principled, experienced and void of too much personal ambition.


Nz Kiwi said...

Hi there
Way off topic, I know, but I have Susac's Syndrome.Have loved reading your blog especially as I think we have the similar type. I have branch occular occlusions and hearing loss. I too have been "there" where every test in the book. I also have a wizard downunder,here in New Zealand. Have you been in touch with Dr Susac? He is great. I have just sent him a T shirt I had made saying "Susac's, My Kind Of Syndrome". You have to laugh about it, don't you? (Otherwise you cry)

Daniel said...

Hi nz!

I am very interested in talking more to you about this. I haven't called Dr. Susac because I haven't had any encephalopathic you think it's worth a call?

Thanks for commenting!