Saturday, December 22, 2007

Vision Loss Redux Part VII - Containment

Two weeks out after my last episode, Kate and I visited traveled to see the Wizard again. Kate and I spent some quality time together in the waiting room...6 hours of it, to be exact.

Here are those six hours in a nutshell:

Dan to Kate: Boy, that drive is not bad at all! 45 minutes straight shot...and we're here early!
Dan to Receptionist/Nurse: Here is my insurance card...same company...different number since I got kicked off the group plan.
Dan to Receptionist/Nurse: I was just here 2 weeks ago, my referral should still be good!
Dan with phone in hand, talking to primary care physician office: ...and when can I expect the referral to be sent? 3? (glancing at the clock, taking note that it is 11:30). Do you understand that I am in the office right now? Yes, I understand, but I'm here now...Yes, ok, thank you for describing the piles of paper on your desk, and (not wanting to reduce his chances of having it completed today) I appreciate you doing this at all. Thanks...
Dan to Receptionist/Nurse: Reschedule? I do not know what is wrong with me and I am losing my vision. I am not rescheduling.
Dan to Receptionist/Nurse: It will cost how much if the referral doesn't come through? hmmm...that referral will come through, I'm sure of it.
After waiting for 1 1/2 hours, Dan to Receptionist/Nurse: (with relief) Thank you for giving me a copy of the referral.
Kate to Dan: It's 2:00 and we haven't eaten anything since breakfast, would you like me to go find some food?
Dan to Kate: Yes! That's a great id...[Nurse to waiting area - Daniel Tubbs?]...ea. Oh well...
Technician to Dan (after test): Hmmmmm
Dan to Technician: Hmmmmm?
Technician to Dan: Well, the inflamed areas from 2 weeks ago are gone, so that's good.
Dan to Technician: I see other areas...
Technician to Dan: Yes, these areas area all inflamed--they're in your extreme peripheral, so you can't see them.
Wizard to Dan (after a longish conversation): It's more positive than negative.
Wizard to Dan (after realizing some information is missing): Nurse, will you have the other office fax his records?
Wizard to nurse (after about 30 minutes - holding up a six page fax): Is this everything?
Nurse to Wizard: Oh, you wanted everything?
Wizard to Dan (after an additional hour): (with disgust) So, did they finally get records?
Wizard to Dan (about 6 pm): We'll keep you on your current dose of prednisone, and I want to you get these 45,000 other tests done. We're going to bring in other doctors to look at things. Call me on my cell if anything changes. See you in two weeks.

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kate said...

We did have a nice time catching up on some reading and being able to finish some conversations during those 6 hours though. Of course, by the end we were a little punchy. Well, I was anyway. Do you even get punchy?? ;)