Monday, October 8, 2007

Posterity Investment

Columbus Day 2007 -- I spent the day investing in my posterity...which means that I had no plans other than to spend time with my big event or massive undertaking...just time.

I am tempted to say that I didn't accomplish anything today because I didn't progress toward my goal to write a curriculum, to run my school well or to make more money than I'm currently making. So, thinking back, what did I accomplish?

  1. I taught Madelyn how to play 20 questions. She did pretty well, though she has not yet learned how to categorize, so she has a long way to go.
  2. While teaching her how to play, we sat outside in the above average temperature weather, I sipped some Earl Gray, and just chatted and enjoyed each other's company.
  3. I pushed Elijah on the swing for about 20 minutes...looking forward to the time when he can swing himself!
  4. I popped some popcorn and M and I watched Prince of Egypt while Elijah took his nap.
So, I guess I didn't accomplish anything earth shattering, but I trust that this investment will pay dividends as the kids grow and know without a doubt that their father loves them, and doesn't just say it when they go to bed at night.

Russ Crosson wrote a great book, A Life Well Spent that alerted me to this concept of posterity investment. Much of his focus is on those with a good deal of money, but much was applicable to me as well. One point he made was particularly pertinent, and that was that one should never change jobs just to make more money. There is more, and I may post more at another time.

Overall, a good, successful day.


Anonymous said...

It's Glenn. It was a day - your day - well spent ... well invested! Yes, definitely no waste there, and no loss. And isn't it something that we need a fancy tag like "posterity investment" to do something which should come so naturally, like using our time to raise our kids?

Well, maybe it's not so natural in a fallen world, and perhaps even the ancients struggled with it to some degree.

I think of the Bible verses that tell us to discuss God's Word with our children as we walk together, as we eat together, when we sit down and get up, when we walk through the doorway, etc. It's all about relationship, or else the words ring hollow.

s u s a n said...

You are an awesome daddy! I love watching you with your little ones. Steven Curtis Chapman has a new album coming out next week and on it he has a song titled, "Cinderella". From what I understand the lyrics address the fact that life goes by way too fast to pass up opportunities to spend time with your kids. Savor those times! Love ya, big bro.