Tuesday, October 9, 2007

All Good Candidates (Except Paul)

I saw the debate this afternoon. I wasn't terribly impressed by Fred's inaugural debate, but not disappointed either. Above all, though, I believe that Republicans really need to get their heads on straight concerning their candidates.

Most of the men on that stage would serve us well as President of the U.S. For some reason, fellow Republicans are down in the mouth about our prospects. Are you kidding? These guys all have great experience, most are grounded in conservative principles and they are on our side.

It's ok to be picky at this point, but let's not lose sight of the big picture. No matter who is picked as Republican nominee, I will vote for that nominee in good conscience. Why? Let's consider the alternative.

It is very possible that the Dems will pick up seats in both houses. Gaining a filibuster-proof majority is not unthinkable. If this is the case, Hillary, who is the presumptive nominee, will ram through the government-based solutions that so often screw up the economy, victimize the people it claims to help, and enrich the saviors who are victimizing those they claim to be saving.

Let's think about just a couple of issues:

  1. Supreme Court Nominees -- Does anyone think Mrs. Clinton will nominate anyone who takes the Constitution seriously? Even Rudy has said that he would nominate originalist judges, despite his position on abortion.
  2. National Security -- Does anyone truly think that the Dems have a clue about national security? Really? Take, just for one example, the fact that Sandy Berger is back on the Clinton staff despite his stealing classified documents from the National Archives and being stripped of his security clearance. What kind of foolishness would put people like this in a position of protecting national security? Add to this the fact that Berger was Clinton's National Security Advisor while we blindly meandered toward 9/11.
  3. Health Care -- This is her trademark issue. If she served as President and didn't come out the other side with socialized medicine, she would be considered a failure.
So, get all your in-fighting and complaining out now (particularly my fellow evangelicals--the good Dr. Dobson included), because we cannot go wobbly on voting for our man after the Primaries, no matter who he is.

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Luke Barnett said...

So I'm trying to get caught up on the election race. What are your thought so far. Seems like all your hear about in the media, at least when it comes to a real buzz going on, is the democratic side of Hillary and Obama. So on the other side do you think it will be Fred Thompson? Giuliani?

If thats the case, in your opinion, what are the negatives and positives to those four candidates? I love hearing what you have to say, and just want you to know Im enjoying the new blog so far.