Friday, October 26, 2007

Which Repub?

Current Impressions of Republican Candidates (in no particular order):

Giuliani -- an effective manager with irreconcilable views of human life (though he has claimed that he would nominate originalist judges).
Huckabee -- a solid evangelical that has some big-government views, a la GWB
Tancredo -- Strong on immigration -- a one-horse show
Romney -- an effective businessman, a good politician (which is not necessarily a compliment).
Thompson -- a solid conservative
Paul -- crazy as a loon, operating on a totally idealistic footing, detached from reality
McCain -- a man that is strong on his convictions with a loose grasp of Constitutionality (this applies to most of the above, except possibly Thompson)
Hunter -- a good, solid conservative. Strong on immigration, a little wobbly on big government

So, who do I vote for in the Primaries...which is my chosen one?

Good question. And I'm not unsure because I don't like any of the's because there are too many good ones.

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markymark said...

Giuliani? The man cant handle his home life and has committed adultery.

Quite honestly I could never live with myself voting for someone that views marriage as something to toss out with the garbage when the garbage can gets too full.


ps: I hope everything goes well with your hospital stay!