Friday, October 26, 2007

Why I Love (and Hate) NPR

Love - classical and jazz (not the "smooth" kind that makes me ill)
Hate - that I am forced to pay for it with my taxes
Hate even more - that they take twice a year to shill for money (which I wouldn't have a problem with if they didn't plunder me prior to asking).

Love - the occasional insightful (usually international with no discernible link to current US politics) news story
Hate - the often disdainful tone and rhetoric used to report on US political news stories

Love - no commercials (which put me into internal conflict with hating that I am forced to pay for it through taxes).
Hate - the ever-so-unbiased and reasonable newscaster/editorialist espousing foolishness


Cousin Laura said...

Jason listens to that nonsense also. It reminds me on constant elevator music.

Brian said...


While I somewhat agree with your assessment of NPR, I have to admit I'm more in the "hate" NPR camp. ;-) Here's why: