Monday, October 1, 2007

Gloria Steinem's Freedom

I had the privilege of watching Ms. Steinem on C-Span last night and watched a rehash of 70's era feminist ideology. Her speech entitle, "The Progression of Feminism: Where Are We Going?" outlined how the feminist movement is in line with all the other great movements in our history: civil rights particularly, the gay/lesbian, and the peace movement.

One thing she said that merits thought was her assertion that we ought to make clear and obvious the benefit of those that work inside the home. We ought to promote a positive view of women who decide for whatever reason to forego career advancement to raise children, care for parents or invalids, and any number of other reasons. She states that we ought to attempt to quantify in monetary terms the value added by these workers inside the home.

As she went through her laundry list of movements that are hand in hand with feminism because of their push for freedom, she came out with some very powerful verbiage that show how effective she has been over the last 40 years or so in changing the dialogue. She talks about the "cult of masculinity" that causes men to sacrifice their lives to defend their ego. She speaks of this as if there is nothing worth sacrifice of this nature. She still, despite all research to the contrary, insists that gender roles are taught. She continues to savage the patriarchal family as a repressive regime set up to "own" children.

This language is shocking if you haven't paid attention to the feminists. What she is propagating is total cultural transformation, upending social norms in the interest of freedom. She sees herself as a sort of patriot to freedom rallying the faithful against those who would continue to enslave blacks, women and gays (it's extremely important to separate sex from procreation, because the adversaries control women by controlling their bodies--it's why they are against contraception). She shares language with others who support cultural upheaval, namely the various communist groups that are so popular at the university and on every protest, the most recent one yesterday in DC.

Read the Communist Manifesto and you'll see the same disdain for the family unit.

Lastly, she mentioned the peace movement, and how prevalent women are. It's because the cult of masculinity prevents men from wanting to get along.

Running down this laundry list of groups that are one with the feminists because of their desire for freedom, the thought struck me that most of the 48 million or so persons that have the most fundamental freedom snatched awayare a direct result of Ms. Steinem's freedom movement.

Hence, a movement that was started to protect the weak has used the weak to increase their freedom. This movement has eschewed universal principles with the idealistic bloodlust of Robespierre, all the while sanguine in the euphemistic pursuit of freedom without responsibility.

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