Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The latest...(with apologies to Theodore Geisel)

You're unique, original, wonderful, strange!
We've done every test and poked every veinge,

We've questioned and searched,
And we've poked and we've prodded,
We've looked at your heart, your head and carotid!

Why are you here? You're making me crazy!
I'm not stupid or dumb or extrem-ely lazy!

I can't figure it out, each test comes back clean,
You are too young, you know what I mean?

Who do I talk to, where do I look?
I look in the book...I look and I look,
but I still cannot pinpoint the gook in your nook.

We have stacks and stacks of schnacks and scracks,
We've looked in the cracks on the backs of the Gracks,
I've never seen this, no never no never!
Why did you do this...so you can seem clever?

I'm sorry...so sorry, I take it all backs,
I'm reading your chart and see what it lacks,
An impossible, improbable, last diagnosis
As I'm looking down over my wizened proboscis,

You must take an MRI to determine the facts,
But it might be, it could be ... the syndrome Susac's.
As an aside, contrary to what you might think by reading my posts, I have not presented in any of the encephalopic symptoms except for headaches. From the link above:
Some of [the patients diagnosed with Susac's] have had tinnitus, vertigo and hearing loss but no neurological involvement.

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