Thursday, November 15, 2007

Test Results

MRA - Normal
Angiogram - possible dissection in left carotid artery
CT Scan - Normal
Echocardiogram - Normal
Transesophageal Echocardiogram - Normal
Blood Work from here to Djibouti - Normal
Blood work for a genetic hypercoagulative blood disorder - Not yet complete

One might deduce from the results of these tests that I am mostly normal...I suppose that is up for debate.

Dr. Singh is incredibly humble and resolute. He is determined to find the cause of my vision loss. He submitted the photos from the angio to several other doctors, and all have deduced that the perceived dissection on the picture is either not a dissection, or if it is, is not large enough to do what has been happening to my eyes. Either way, they would not recommend surgery. As you can imagine, this is a great relief as I don't think I'd enjoy people tinkering around inside my head.

Oh, hello Square 1, how are you? We've got to stop meeting like this!

Tomorrow we are going to arrange to visit a doctor at Wills Eye to rule out what might be happening as originating in and around the eye. Dr. Singh said that it is very strange that each event (I've had a total of 5 retinal occlusions) has presented in the eye. He can come up with no explanation, but will be working with me to ensure that I get to see who I need to see.

After that, it's off to U of Penn to see a hematologist. At each stop, I'm going to pick up a friend and we're all going to head off to the city where I hear there's a wizard who can do anything (except pronounce the word "audience")!

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