Friday, November 2, 2007


The DARPA Urban Challenge is tomorrow! The Defense Advanced Research Products Agency, inventors of the internet, (the super-moralistic and hyper-intelligent Al Gore notwithstanding) is hosting an exciting event:

The teams will attempt to complete a complex 60-mile urban course with live traffic in less than six hours. The finalists will operate on the course roads with approximately 50 human-driven traffic vehicles. Speed is not the only factor in determining the winners, as vehicles must also meet the same standards required to pass the California DMV road test.

Doesn't sound too difficult, right? Well, it gets a little more difficult when you require that the vehicles may not have any humans in them. It's an "autonomous vehicle competition."

I was thinking I would root for team Franklin, because they're local. However, in deference to Andrew Bernard ("I graduated anger management training just like I graduated from Cornell...on time!"), I was thinking Team Cornell.

Then I saw this beast...

If those twerps from Stanford think they can waltz in and win this competition too...Team OshKosh is just gonna run 'em over!

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