Sunday, November 11, 2007

Vision Loss Redux

So there I was, sitting down to lunch with my beautiful family, enjoying meatballs. Trying to make sure Elijah eats instead of being totally goofy the whole time while Madelyn was making him laugh. I was working on my second sandwich when I got that old sensation there was something...and indistinguishable shadow on the bottom edge of my vision. Without thinking, I started squinting to see if blinking or screwing up my eyes would make it go away. After trying that a couple times, I was pretty sure it was back...

When Kate asked what was wrong, I couldn't lie (never have, never will) to her, and I saw that sick look come over her face again. So, I got up and did the eye test and after some doing, finally figured out that I had indeed lost another slice of my vision.

Call to the doctor, visit to the ER, admitted to the hospital and here I sit, watching the Chargers play the Colts from the relaxing vantage point of an adjustable bed, nurses caring for my needs, wireless access...the works. The only thing ruining the pleasant environment is the IV in my hand and the constant hum of the ventilation overhead. The only pain I feel is the emotional unrest of my family...and the needles, can't forget the needles.

God is good all the time.


Gary said...

Be assured there are many praying for you, many you know and many more you do not.

J DeCarlo said...


Hope you are feeling better and the needles aren't bothering you too much!! You, Kate, Madelyn and Elijah are in our prayers as you work through your health issue this time around. Dottie, Jason and I are thinking about you. Let's stay in touch and I must say even though you and I do not always agree politically and socially :) this is a great blog and filled with excellent content. Great Job!! I would be honored to post a comment once in a while and give you my perspective on things....

Again we'll talk to you soon and keep the positive attitude!! We are thinking of you guys!


Jeff, Dottie & Jason