Monday, April 28, 2008

16 Vials of Blood read that right, I gave 16 vials of blood today so my new rheumatologist could get a good read on what is going on.

Of course, I had forgotten that I was supposed to be I did my morning routine...placed the bowl on the table with the silverware, cereal box, orange juice...began doling out my meds...then the thought hit!!!

I had also eaten at 3 am, which would place me at about 1 pm at the earliest to get my blood drawn...thankfully, I was busy today and didn't have much time to think about my gradually weakening state...until I got to the clinic and she started pulling out handfuls of empty, greedy vials...

So...holes in both arms and a package of teddy grahams later, I walked out with loads of sympathy from the ladies.

Dr. Brown tomorrow...we'll see if I can reduce my prednisone dosage...

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