Monday, April 7, 2008

Vision Loss Redux Part X

Rheumatologist. I never knew what that meant or what they did and I found out today...not least in my case. I went with some expectation of getting some answers but was sorely disappointed. But, it brings another professional in on my it's another perspective, so I suppose that's a good thing.

He's not convinced of the efficacy of the steroids, and frankly, neither am I. It's effectiveness really seems to have worn off, and I keep accumulating poundage.

It's one of those deals where I look in the mirror in the morning...and go to call the cops...then I notice the cleft in the guy's chin and realize that I am one of the only people I know with two pair of buttocks!


s u s a n said...

Haha! Hey, I happen to think a butt-face is very intriguing.

Kerry said...

Dan Dan least you still have your sense of humor! We are always praying!