Thursday, July 3, 2008

Vision Loss Redux Part XV - Diagnosis

Quick Summary: Pressures are down in my eye, I have Susac's.

Soup to Nuts (just heard this cliche for the first time, and have been waiting to use it):

Concerning the pressures in my right eye, they were down to 8. I don't know what accounts for these wild fluctuations and Wiz #1 doesn't seem to know either...probably the pred.

My visit to DC was sort of as expected and hoped for...

Wiz #2, who looks a lot like a good friend of mine from years past, sat down with us and distilled a lot of experience and work into a 5 minute briefing.

They didn't find anything in my MRI or other studies that I had done. He said that he had a whole room of doctors looking at the recordings of my innards because they heard I was a possible Susac patient.

The MRI showed some possibility of something, but it was a "might be, might not be" sort of thing. However, Susac's has been diagnosed without the encephalopic episodes that one hears about.

So, I am indeed one in 20 million, or at least will be treated as if I am.

I will undergo a series of IVIG treatments that may or may not work. The goal is to stabilize me so that, according to the doctor, I can get on with my life.

Thankfully, the doctor I see here was one of his students and I have confidence in her. So, I will be undergoing treatments much closer to home in Allentown.

After 3 years, it's good to at least have a plan of attack.

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