Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Clean, Safe, Accessible

WASHINGTON, D.C.Congressman Gresham Barrett delivered the following speech on the House floor today to support the use of nuclear energy as an alternate energy source.

“In the past few weeks, the focus of the energy crisis conversation has been about lifting the offshore ban on drilling to increase oil and gas supply in the U.S., and, offshore drilling is one solution that can help ease our energy crisis and lower gas prices at the pump.

”There has also been talk about using alternative energy sources to solve our energy problem for the long-term.

“The Department of Energy found that the 103 nuclear units in the U.S. supply about 20 percent of the electricity produced in the United States.

“In my state of South Carolina, 52 percent of our state’s power comes from nuclear power plants.

“For years, I have regularly worked with organizations and companies within South Carolina to promote the benefits of nuclear power.

“Nuclear energy is clean, safe, and it’s accessible to us in our country.

“Nuclear energy is an alternative energy source that our country can use to create long-term energy solutions for generations to come.

“It is a real solution that if we invest in now, will bridge us from short-term solutions to long-term ones,” said Congressman Gresham Barrett.

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Anonymous said...

My problems with Nuclear energy are thus: 1. Safe- it is safe now because it is used rarely and heavily guarded, as more and more plants are built accidents are more likely, statistically speaking. 2. the only way nuclear energy is cheaper is if tax dollars go into building the plants. 3.We still don't know what to do with the waste, so the tally is not in on whether it is clean or cheap. What if it costs hundreds of billions of dollars to dispose of the waste?