Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Union Label

We had talked previously about unions and my consternation with the need for them. I mentioned that

As an independent educator, I have never had a desire or seen the need to be involved in a union. Independent schools must produce a service that the customer is wiling to pay twice for, since the state plunders its citizens to pay for others' children's education first, then allows them to pay tuition on top of that.
I truly don't see how teacher's unions actually help the students. It seems to me that the purpose of their existence is to take care of the teachers. That's fine. Just don't pretend you're doing it for the children.

Anyway, here's a story that caught my eye of "Pat Crowley - the $84,000 per year Assistant Executive Director of the RI affiliate of the National Education Association - and Pat is also the Lincoln Democrat Party chairman." He is giving the "bird" - a gesture one would expect from one fighting for the children.


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