Saturday, February 2, 2008

Obama's Absolution

While I was expressing discouragement about Republican prospects in November, irrespective of the nominee, a friend expressed great confidence in a Republican win.

His rationale was that America is not ready for a Black or Female POTUS.

My rejoinder is that Americans are eagerly awaiting a Black candidate they can vote for in order to exorcise the slavery demons. It seems that the motivation for voting for a female president is not as pressing, because the injustice that females have endured as females are not remotely akin to chattel slavery, despite Betty's and Gloria's ("sex is a caste system, just like race") famous claims.

So, Obama offers America a poultice of platitudes, selling indulgences for just one vote, for a limited time only!

Shelby Steele agrees with me in his new book A Bound Man: Why We Are Excited About Obama and Why He Can't Win.

Though I'm not so sure he can't win...

Paul agrees with me when he says

Indeed, as I mentioned, Steele himself now entertains the possibility that Obama would not have to remove his mask until after being elected president. The prospect of a president who rides to office on a wave of magic that he must forfeit almost immediately upon taking office is a rather frightening one.


markymark said...

"His rationale was that America is not ready for a Black or Female POTUS."....

Translation...The American electorate is too racist and/or misogynistic to elect a black or female.

And that is his/her source of great confidence?

Politics are in a sad state of affairs when this is the source of confidence in a win.

Daniel said...

I was one of those assertions spoken with great confidence though twisting in the wind devoid of anything solid to support it.