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William's Perspective

Always insightful and intriguing...and, by the way, he has seemed to shift a bit more to the optimistic side while firmly clinging to his guns and religion...

The Silver Lining

As an incurable optimist I habitually find a silver lining in the face of catastrophe. Even though as of this date (October 12) I believe that McCain is likely to win in November,his defeat would not be the end of the world. Perhaps the end of the nation as we know it, but certainly not the end of the Republic; that happened last week with the Crooked Democrat and Banker Protection Act, a/k/a “The Bailout.” We have no republic left to preserve, but perhaps recapturing the future will suffice.

To be sure, Obama is unpalatable by every measurement of substance. To say that his accomplishments are “modest” is to inflate them beyond recognition. Like Oakland,“there’s no ‘there’ there.” It gets worse. He hates the America we inherited. He hates free markets and prosperity. He hates whitey, or at least hangs with those who do. He hates free speech and will likely spearhead the efforts to eradicate it. He loves collectivism. He loves coercion. His thin skin cannot tolerate the pricking of criticism. And the mother of his children makes him look moderate, as do many of the unseemly folks he is allied with.

No, he is not a very attractive package notwithstanding hisclear calling as a fashion model who looks oh so suave as he perches on a stoolwith insouciance. McCain may not be fearfulof his coronation, but I sure am. Yet Isee some positive opportunities in the elevation of this Bolshevik to the WhiteHouse, provided it is not the final election in our noble experiment in self governance.

Here are some flecks of silver in the dark storm clouds of an Obamessiah Reich. Admittedly, like much optimism there is a healthy dose of “Maybe,” “Hopefully,” “But” and“Perhaps.”

  1. Market behavior over the past weeks reinforces the notion that it is a rational entity and that we live in a rational world. Whether the dynamic behind the market maelstrom is the cancer of corruption interfering in the marketplace and come home to roost or the anticipation of the impending electoral catastrophe of selecting a collectivist who will eradicate a lot of wealth and liberty (yes, incentives and risk do count), it is comforting to know that the marketplace behaves rationally based on the incentives in play. It is painful to endure, but we should be celebrating it just the same. Who knows? Perhaps the current fiasco (or the coming ones) will prompt tens of millions of people to say, “This depending on the government is for the birds. Let’s take care of ourselves.” Well, it could happen…
  2. If the past two years of Pelosi and Reid driving the bus in the demolition derby is indicative, leftist political pimps are a result of some horrific experiment of Dr. Moreau combining hogs and piranha as they cannot even cooperate with each other. And there is no way those two fossils are going to let this young whelp tell them what to do. Yes they agree on the fundamentals, but their negotiations will fall apart when it comes to divvying up the spoils. There is no honor among thieves, and the thieves will be unchecked on center stage.
  3. The next President will almost certainly be faced with two huge crises: the further collapse of the economy and the reemergence of Wahabist terrorism (certainly much worse if Barry, Harry, and Nan succeed with their “strategy” of pre-emptive surrender in Iraq). I’d prefer the fellow farthest from me be the one holding the stinking bag when it bursts. Even though Bush/Reagan/Eisenhower/Coolidge will undoubtedly be blamed by the Obama apparatchiks including the entire Dinosaur media for whatever transpires, it would be the fashionable Messiah who would be unmasked as an exquisitely tailored empty suit and the inept and misanthropic poseur that he is as his efforts simply compound whatever the crisis is. A belligerently ignorant and indolent populace will be able to see it on grand display. Even beer swilling welfare recipients don’t like losers.
  4. Returning a cranky and defeated McCain to the Senate could reap unforeseen dividends. Consider how he has treated Bush and conservatives ever since his defeat in 2000. He might as well not have had a zipper on his fly as often as he has urinated on them. If he turns that same animus towards the new Exalted Leader it could go a long way towards tying the Left in knots through plain old obstreperous obstructionism. On the other hand, if he is as unprincipled as I think he is, he could become French and collaborate with the occupying forces to garner the favor he so desperately craves
  5. An Obama victory just might allow for a reformation of the GOP that would not be possible under McCain.. A McCain victory pretty much assures the GOP being expunged of any last vestiges of idealism and principled common sense. Conservatives would simply have to find a new home. With an Obama victory and McCain out of the picture, the necessary purge of RINO Bolshevik Wannabes could begin. It would cripple the party for at least one election cycle, but the prospect of forming a new constitutionally adherent GOP would be an even more onerous a task.
  6. Another defeat to a vapid, sweet talking slickster just might cause conservatives to realize that among the skill set necessary for being our leader are communication and inspiration. For six consecutive elections the GOP put forward verbal stumblebums who possessed few if any ideas and virtually no ability to communicate. C’mon, admit it. Bush 41 and 43 have been a disaster for articulating or advocating anything resembling conservatism. “America First” is not an idea for governing; it is a vague and almost meaningless sentiment, albeit a noble one. I think. Obamessiah can sure dazzle ‘em with mellifluous bovine scatology, but a vigorous, skilled, principled, and passionate communicator from our side could wipe the floor with the Bolsheviks. And it begins with the deconstruction of their anti-ideas agenda of “Washington being the root of all solutions.” That doesn’t even pass the giggle test. Since the institution of the Xlintoon “War Room” politics is just that, war. The battleground is one of rhetoric, so we’d better have the weapons to win.
  7. Saving Miss Sarah. An Obama victory would protect Sarah P from the ongoing contamination of McCainism. While I admire her greatly, I fear what would happen to her being surrounded by a phalanx of unprincipled RINO “handlers.” She’s already having to run AGAINST McCain in addition to Obama and Spit Bucket Joe. We have already identified our next generation of true leadership, and we need to nurture and protect it. McCain’s feckless tendencies would drive her to distraction and eventually wear her down and dispirit her. Everyone has their breaking point. I fear that continued contamination of the so-called “Maverick” would be an unnecessary risk for the nation. By the way, why does this fantasy about McMaverick persist? On virtually every large issue thus far he has reached across the aisle to protect the leftist political establishment. McCain Feingold. McCain-Kennedy. McCain-Lieberman. The Bailout.
  8. An Obamessiah Reich would focus the minds of liberty minded folks to find ways to oppose it and work together for liberty. We might have to soften our edges a bit to work together. Let our rallying cry be “Reduce the Size, Scope, Power, and Influence of the Collective.” Sure, compromise with evil and evil wins. We just might have to compromise on the order of eradication which evils first. In addition to the Big Leaders we need a multitude of leaders throughout the culture and Lee Atwaters to work beside them.
  9. As with every dysfunctional entity, “hitting bottom” and the subsequent repentance is necessary in order for reclamation. We are an addicted political culture, addicted to welfare and government intrusion into every single aspect of our lives both private and public. We are no longer capitalists, we are debitalists. Bolshevistic political theology has been an abject failure every where it has been tried, and the more enthusiastically it has been tried the more spectacularly it has failed. After six generations of socialist indoctrination at government incarceration centers, I guess the American electorate needs to have its nose rubbed in the stinking mess of thuggery, confiscation, internment, poverty, danger… Maybe then they will get the message that the empty promises made by the political hacks cannot be paid by the redistributionist mechanism no matter how exuberant it is. If you compare the New Europe of Poland, The Czech Republic, Romania, Hungary, Bulgaria, etc., versus the ossified welfare states of Old Europe you’ll get the point. The former learned its lesson from living under the heel of jack booted thugs for several generations. We bailed out the other guys time after time, and see what choices they have made. They are done for. I pray we would not be so.
  10. Finally, and I believe most important, the elevation of a pagan Bolshevik Messiah might just make us more contemplative about and devoted to the Divine Messiah. As John Adams said, the government the Founders created was meant for a devout and moral people, and would be wholly unsuitable for anyone else.

Spirits up folks. Mine certainly are. But like I said, I’m an incurable optimist.

From the Belly of the Beast


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