Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Let's look at our records instead of rhetoric...
McCain is attacking O's record on spending...good attack...look at our proposals for our economy
Health Care, Energy, Entitlement Reform...which first?
M: Work on all three. He said it! We will not have the same entitlements in the future. My record is to reach across the aisle. Energy...all of the above. Health Care...no specifics. Must do all at once.
O: We need to prioritize. Energy - 3.80 for gas, other countries benefiting. $15B a year over ten years. Cites JFK. Health Care - #2, Education #3. One point...look at records. M talks about earmarks, want to go line by line over every item. M - $300B tax cut given to corporations.

What sacrifices will you ask Americans to make?
M: May have to eliminate government programs. Defense spending, for example. Earmarks will have to be eliminated...even the good ones. Spending needs to be cut in America...recommends a spending freeze. Establish priorities with full transparency. We CAN attack all three at once.
O: Tragedy of 9/11. How all the country was willing to come together. Bush did some smart things at the outset. He messed up when he said, "go out and shop." The wasn't a call to service that we needed. The need for us to start thinking about how we use energy. How we can we start saving energy in our homes? Young people are interested in how they can serve...doubling the Peace Corps.
Wall St. "got drunk". How to break bad habit of too much debt and easy credit?
O: Starts with Washington...if we build up debts, people will think there's easy money. We need to share the burden. Can't ask a teacher making $30K to tighten up if someone making much more is living high on the hog. ??
M: He wants to raise taxes - equated O with Hoover. O's secret - his tax increases will increase taxes on 50% of small business revenue. Let's not raise taxes on anyone. In favor of leaving the taxes alone, and doubling tax credits.

Social Security/Medicare: Date certain to address this?
O: We're going to have to take on entitlements...we need to do it quickly. I want to provide a tax cut fo 95% of Americans. $200K or less, your taxes will go down.
M: I'll answer the question...SS is not tough...O's never taken on his party leaders...Medicare is tougher...we need a commission to come up with recommendations...let's have Congress vote up or down on recommendations...back to taxes...rhetoric and record...he's voted 94 times for tax increases....I have fought to reduce government.

M: Damaged planet...disagreed strongly with Bush Admin on this issue. We forced votes on this...we lost, but kept the issue...best way to fix it? Nuclear power...safe and clean, creates hundreds of thousands of jobs...can reuse spent rods...hydrogen, battery powered cars.
O: Biggest challenge of our times...not only a challenge, but an opportunity. This can be an engine that drives us into the future. We're going to have to make some investments, like the internet. I favor nuclear power. He voted 23 times against alternative fuels. Easy to talk about this stuff during a campaign. He talks a lot about drilling. We have 3% of oil reserves and use 15%.

Manhatten-like Project or garages.
Use govt. to start, then turn over to private sector. Responds to O's assertions in previous statement. Drilling will reduce the price. Nuclear power...look at the record.

Healthcare coverage profitable industry - should it be treated as a commodity?
O: Premiums double over the last 8 years. Moral commitment and economic imperative to do something...if you have health care, then keep your plan if satisfied...we'll work with employer to reduce cost of premiums...through prevention and techonology...if you don't have insurance...no one excluded for pre-existing conditions. M $5,000 tax credit...will tax this as income...could lead to unraveling of employer-based health care system.
M: Id'd one of the major challenges. Let's put health records online, community health centers, walk-in clinics...fundamental difference...starts talking about govt...he'll impose mandates...if you're a small business and you don't ...refundable tax credit you can cross state lines...do the math...those that have employer-based benefits...95% of American people will have increased funds to buy the insurance of their choice. We must give people choice in America!

HC a privilege right or responsibility?

M: Responsibility...a little nervous about government mandates.
O: A lot of stuff...health care is a right. Something fundamentally wrong about insurance not paying someone's bills. The problem with crossing state lines...you won't have consumer protections that you need.

Recent economic stress affect our ability to be a peacemaker in the world?
M: Strong military requires strong economy. (tuned out)
O: I don't understand...blah blah blah...

Obama Doctrine?
O: We have moral issues at stake. Who would say, if we had the ability, that we shouldn't have stopped the Holocaust or Rwanda. We can't be everywhere all the time...so we need to work with others. We could be providing logistical support and set up a no-fly zone in Darfur, I intend to do that as president.
M: Addresses the timeline for withdrawal. He would have brought them home in defeat. We are the greatest force for good. Must do whatever we can to prevent genocide...tempered with our ability to identify the limits of our capability. Somalia...withdrew in humiliation...Lebanon...stood up against Reagan. Must temper decision with the ability to benefit the situation...I know those situations, I've been in them all my life.

Respect Pakistani sovereignty or ignore borders like Cambodia like in Vietnam.
O: Shouldn't have gone into Iraq in the first place. We must reverse course b/c we need to focus on Afghanistan. We're going to encourage democracy in Pahkistahn. We will act on bin Ladin.
M: Teddy Roosevelt - talk softly, carry a big stick. O likes to talk loudly. Our relations with Pakistan are critical. Petraeus had a strategy - the one that succeeded in Iraq - will work in Pakistan.
O: be very clear about what I said...

M: Strategy is essentially the same

Russia - can we apply pressure without starting another Cold War?
M: There's not going to be another CW...warned about Putin long ago. Watch Ukraine. We need to give moral support to Georgia and Ukraine. Communicate that there are penalties. We can use the G8 and others.
O: blah blah blah...I really have no idea what I'm talking about...

Israel...commit troops in defense of Israel or wait on UN security council.
M: Obviously not wait for UN security council...Russia/China probably pose significant obstacles. Iran threatens the stability of the entire middle east. What would you do if you were the Israelis?
O: We cannot allow Iran to get a nuclear weapon.

What don't you know and how will you learn it?
O: my wife. This country gave me opporunity...came from very modest means. The question in this election...are we going to pass on the American dream? Wages and incomes are going down, lost healthcare (in the last 8 years).
M: unprecedented challenges...hurting Americans...challenges around the world...I don't know what the unexpected will be...gave his background...I know what it's like in dark times and trying to keep hope going, to rely on others...I believe in this country...It's been my great honor to serve it for many, many years...times are tough and need a steady hand at the tiller.

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