Monday, October 19, 2009

S. 1796

Interesting Reading the Table of Contents...
After creating a massive, mind-numbing bureaucracy, how do the dems propose to pay for it? Have a look...
Subtitle A—Revenue Offset Provisions
Sec. 6001. Excise tax on high cost employer-sponsored health coverage.
Sec. 6002. Inclusion of cost of employer-sponsored health coverage on W–2. (tax)
Sec. 6003. Distributions for medicine qualified only if for prescribed drug or insulin. (ration)
Sec. 6004. Increase in additional tax on distributions from HSAs not used for qualified medical expenses.
Sec. 6005. Limitation on health flexible spending arrangements under cafeteria plans. (ration)
Sec. 6006. Expansion of information reporting requirements.
Sec. 6007. Additional requirements for charitable hospitals.
Sec. 6008. Imposition of annual fee on branded prescription pharmaceutical manufacturers and importers.
Sec. 6009. Imposition of annual fee on medical device manufacturers and importers.
Sec. 6010. Imposition of annual fee on health insurance providers.
Sec. 6011. Study and report of effect on veterans health care. (?)
Sec. 6012. Elimination of deduction for expenses allocable to Medicare Part D subsidy. (tax)
Sec. 6013. Modification of itemized deduction for medical expenses. (tax)
Sec. 6014. Limitation on excessive remuneration paid by certain health insurance providers. (ration)

Let's see...massive tax increases, annual fees, expansion of requirements and rationing. Brilliant. See what happens when the free market fails us? Thanks, Paul.

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