Sunday, March 15, 2009

Hating What's Right

This lecture by Evan Sayet (9/11 conservative convert) was one that explains his concept of how liberals make decisions. This concept subsumes Jew/US hatred under the same umbrella and provides a cogent rationale for the ever-present Jew-hater at the anti-war rallies...Notes and embedded video below-watch it if you have the time:

To the liberal, Indiscriminateness is a moral imperative

However, indiscriminateness of thought does not lead to indiscriminateness of sides with evil.

Because of the indiscriminateness, there is no justification for anything that is better than anything else, therefore, failure is de facto proof of victimization

A multiculturalist (one that believes that all cultures are equal) must de facto be a supporter of tyranny

Either there is is something exceptional about our culture, or there is nothing special about our culture. It the latter, our success is unjust and our longevity is proof positive that we cheated...among the most unjust in the history of the world.

The multiculturalist can't believe that we are an exceptional culture, therefore we stole our success.

"Objectivity is undesirable if history is to serve a social purpose." - Howard Zinn

Jew hatred goes hand in hand with US hatred...because of the same exact reason

The act of criminality is de facto proof that the criminal has been victimized

To not believe that the terrorists were not provoked is racism

The more heinous the crime, the more victimized the criminal must have been
Seeking the truth is an act of bigotry to the left.

In order for this to make sense, we must elevate the provocation to the level of the crime. Why would Durbin call our troops Nazis? Because the evil he is championing rises to that level.

Liberals have an inability to identify the "better things in life"
--Life is zero sum. If so, the way to prevent poverty is to prevent success
in the "grown-up world" all ships rise with the tide

In order to help people lead better lives, conservatives want to train people in better behaviors, but Liberals attack the behaviors, because they are signs of bigotry.

example: abstinence - this is a good practice for children, look at social statistics apart from any religious consideration. But, Liberals invariably promote destructive behaviors - "F- abstinence" rally.

Once the failure they've promoted takes place, they scream that they must confiscate our money to create a program to deal with the program

This promotion of behavior that lead to failure instead of Orwellian

1. Isolated from consequences of his own beliefs (when you live in a utopia, these ideas don't affect him) musicians and college students, celebrity and academia
2. Stupidity is a luxury...those who are on the left are those that can afford to be

Exceptions in celebrity - Professional in a field of objective truth
Exceptions in academia - Hard sciences...

Q & A
The goal of the modern journalist is not objective truth, it is neutrality

Time is not on our side
a. Need to engage in the fight
b. We need to stand up for what is right

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