Sunday, November 9, 2008

The New Collectivism

I've not done research, but just on an anecdotal level I seem to be hearing a lot more public support for collectivism than in the past. It seemed that the Reagan view of government had generally taken hold and people generally understood that government couldn't do most things nearly as efficiently as the private sector.

This notion, however, is now being challenged by many people who are more blatant about the "benefits" of redistribution.

As examples, I've heard people make a distinction between redistribution and a progressive income tax, crediting the tax for the creation of wealth in America since the Industrial Revolution.

I've read people lamenting the fact that Obama isn't really a Marxist.

I read approving headlines about President-Elect Obama wanting to "take action" (read "government intervention") on the economic crisis.

The pseudo-Republican administration of George Bush caving to Paulson's dire predictions has really set the stage for a massive federal government take-over of private businesses. This is what the socialists in our government have been waiting opportunity to gain power...they are gaining confidence and not necessarily hiding their intentions behind acceptable rhetoric.

We have to be mindful of this presence in our government and not let the sweet idealistic words of socialism lull us into slumber, allowing the all-saving hand of government to be our safety, our charity, our success...our god.

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