Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Why all the excitement over Palin?

Some people are stumped over the incredible enthusiasm the Sarah Palin has brought to the Republican party. They point out (rightly) that there are plenty of other people more experienced. They make the easy assumption it is because she's a woman, good looking or some other insulting, shallow reason. This is an indicator of the fact that opponents generally underestimate the arguments of the opposition.

So, why are people excited? Two reasons...the first has caused the euphoria and the second has virtually guaranteed victory in the fall, barring any unforesseen October surprise.

First, this is the result of a good result following low expectations. Conservatives did not have a lot of hope that McCain would pick a real conservative. We thought that he would pick someone like a Lieberman or Ridge...maybe Romney...but no one to get real excited about.

When he picked Palin, and we figured out who she is...well...it's like going into a movie expecting the worst and coming out pleasantly surprised. We were just shocked that he picked a "rock-ribbed conservative", like Rush says.

Second, and more importantly, conservatives like her because...(drum roll)...she's conservative! So many of our so-called conservative legislators are limp-wristed pantywaists, including McCain on certain conservative issues. They feed at the pork trough, think that being pro-life is enough and ignore everything Russel Kirk had to say on the subject. They have a very shallow understanding of the Constitution and seem to be content with that.

So, to find a running-mate that is truly conservative...that's huge for conservatives...plus, as an added bonus, we don't cringe when she's in front of a microphone.

Why is this a virtual guarantee of victory? Because conservatives are a majority in this country. Yes, I'll say it again in case you haven't been paying attention...we are in the majority! The reason repubs haven't won is because they haven't been governing like conservatives. Simple as that. This concept is mocked by NPR, but they will continue to be baffled as the conservatives win yet another election while all the economic indicators predict a dem victory.


Lois tubbs said...

Right on, Sonshine!!!! For the past year or so, I have been getting surveys from the NRC, and everytime I would comment about my distress over the lack of conservative republicans..from the President, down!!!! When I would answer the phone, and they wanted me to send money, I would tell them that I didn't fell like sending anything because the republicans don't have a conservative "back-bone"! xox

kate said...

Now I know why my Dad said he liked this post so much :)