Saturday, June 7, 2008

Vision Loss Redux Part XIII - Susac's or Not?

Visit to Dr. Brown (Wizard #1) on Monday

The vision loss mentioned in my last post was actually not vision loss at all, but happily was merely a pool of blood in my eye. So, nothing substantial has changed with my vision.

Visit to Dr. Cupps (Wizard #2) on Wednesday
Traveling to DC in record time -- (made it from Leesport to the Capital Beltway in 2.5 hours) we wended our way down Connecticut Ave to Georgetown U hospital to see the newest wizard. Using the superb navigation skills of my wife, we cruised right into the proper parking area, right next to the proper building, went up the proper elevator to the proper floor and immediately into the proper office.

Got to hear DC slang--if you've not heard it you don't know how to say it--but the secretary said about a particular desk utensil, "I heard that joint rattling in there." I haven't heard the proper slang pronunciation or usage of "joint" for 3 years!

Anyway, a nice woman input all my medical information, which took awhile...

"What medicines are you taking?"
"How much time do you have?"
"This is a new computer bear with me..."
"I'm on 80 mg of prednisone"
" here...and, no, wait...oh, I have to go, here it,'re on what now?"
"ok...pred...ah! there it, how much?
"80 mg"

...and so it went for all 6 of my meds. But she was very nice and told me that her kids had attended Clinton Christian (a neighbor school to my former school) before moving to Springfield.

Then I met Dr. Cupps and was immediately place in a slightly warm room with a med student...a very nice med student, but a med student nonetheless. So, we went over my long and sordid medical history, reviewing my progressive deficiencies starting with almost exactly three years ago...the day I packed up the U-Haul to move to PA, my ears started buzzing.

I had brought all of my records to give to the wizard for his inspection. After a thorough examination, the wizard entered and we had a good conversation about a lot of things. I appreciate when a new wizard asks me questions I haven't been asked, did you ever go to the chiropractor or have a neck injury? Funny I was never asked that when it was assumed I had coratid dissections.

He did indicate I have an abnormality on my latest MRI, so he's going to sit down with experts and go over all my tests.

Also, he has treated 2 Susac's patients in the past and has had success with them.

I go back in about 3.5 weeks, and if it is determined that I do indeed have Susac's Syndrome, he would like to me start Intravenous Immunoglobin to try to stabilize me. It is said that Susac's lasts for 3-5 years, then typically goes away. Well, I'm at three and it's still going strong!

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mskerryJ said...

if I knew you missed the slang...I could have been keeping you up on it all this time...I mean, too bad she didn't have a reason to say to you "that joint is tight"...I know what I mean playa!!!!!!

but on the real tip tho..glad you like the new wizard...and we are praying, when is your next appointment? what time should I expect you for dinner & what would you like to eat this time??