Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Vision Loss Redux - Part IX

Long time, no write...I suppose life has been catching up to me as I adjust to the prednisone and realize that 4 hours of sleep per night just aint cutting it...

I do apologize to my loyal readers for my dereliction of duty in reporting my ongoing condition.

So, here goes...

Several weeks ago, I had changes in hearing, with the constant ringing in my right ear compounding on a lower, conversation level tone. So, now when talking to someone where there is ambient noise...fuggetaboutit. The hair dryer, students walking through the hallways, talking after church...I have to really pay attention.

Then I experienced more inflammation during my two-week visits...we followed the routine, upped the prednisone dosage and tried to quell those fires...

The doc decided to take me off of the blood thinner because there is no research indicating that it would have anything to do with inflammation...and no one knows what long-term affects could be.

I was quite pleased to take off the medication bracelet...

Subsequent visits showed that the prednisone was not having the desired affect when indications of inflammation would show up...so, last Monday I received a cortisone injection in my right eye...I went back for follow ups and things seemed to be fine.

Easter Break comes and on Thursday, mid-morning, I noticed a significant portion of my vision in my right eye was just gone...more like an opaque cloud had moved into my center vision. I thought maybe it was the cortisone moving around my eye, because I had been told that it is long-lasting and stays in the eye for some time.

This was not the case, however, due to some significant blockages in my vessels. Needless to say, it was very frustrating to not be able to see the basketball scores!

So, now I'm on quite a regimen of meds (the bracelet is back on)...enough to skip a meal, except the prednisone would remind me quite quickly that it was time to eat!

I'm heading down to Johns Hopkins in April and to Thomas Jefferson as soon as I can get an appointment scheduled.

Thanks for all your prayers and concerns as we forge ahead, pray for healing and do everything in our power to get to the bottom of this before I lose my sight and/or hearing.

No matter what the outcome, God is good.

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Missi said...

All the time!! Thanks for the update Daniel! We have been praying for you!! Have a great weekend!